Stop Letting OKRs Masquerade as Strategy

I am getting weary of the Objective & Key Results (OKRs) hype-train. As a result, I am compelled to dedicate my third Year II Playing to Win/Practitioner Insights (PTW/PI) piece to Stop Letting OKRs Masquerade as Strategy. Given the widespread enthusiasm for OKRs, I predict it will be a worthy successor to It’s Time to Toss […]

The real reason Facebook is changing its name to Meta

What you must know from Facebook’s 2021 AR/VR conference. For my long-time readers, you know I am a VR interaction designer & indie game developer for Isekai Ent, launching titles for Steam VR & Oculus.That means other than getting mailed the newest VR kits “for free”, one of our Sword Reverie team’s biggest excitement is to tune […]

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