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Do you desire to study, work and live abroad?

The power of International Education is like planting a seed of corn that could bring thousands of corn during harvest if properly natured. In the same view, your plan to study abroad could yield a bountiful harvest in terms of academic growth, job opportunities and satisfaction when your study is completed.

Right now, Plannerse International Study Advisors are helping students, residents in Nigeria, and other parts of West Africa process admissions and visa applications to study in the United Kingdom, USA, Austria, France, Poland, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, etc, to achieve their academic goals.

In this regard, Plannerse International Study Advisors aims to bring the best foreign study options to the students who desire to start or further their education in the above destinations. It may be interesting to know that our Study Advisors are well trained, equipped and have substantial experience on how to handle admissions and visa applications related matters and you are assured of prompt and quality services because we know that choosing the right university/college is perhaps the most decisive aspect of overseas education. We have gained an outstanding reputation for providing a fresh, very competitive, proactive and honest approach in offering various courses that would match your future ambition and advise you on what career path to follow

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